For the past couple of weeks or more, the ancient Wootalyzer program has been saying (CONNECTION PROBLEM!), but I have been unable to find any results on this when I do a web-search for it. Anyone else experiencing this, or is it just me?

Another thread on here about Wootalyzer mentioned there being a forum at Wootalyzer.com but I don’t see anything like that there at all, just a button to download the Windows version (and its the same version of it that I have already), a non-working placeholder “button” for the never-got-released Mac version, and a button that takes you to a page about creative commons.

Since no one else seems to have commented anywhere in Cyberspace that “Hey, my Wootalyzer has stopped working!” I take that to mean that either no one else on Earth is having this connection issue (maybe my anti-virus spontaneously decided to block it? 0o), or no one else on Earth but me is using Wootalyzer anymore.

Any insight on this?


It’s not working for me, either, but that isn’t surprising. The web site hasn’t been updated since 2016 and it’s my understanding it’s no longer being supported. That said, I don’t know if the connection errors are permanent or if it will start working again. It has before but this down time seems longer than normal.

I don’t know of a forum for it, either. Sorry. Have you tried using Wootstalker.com instead? It won’t sit in the system tray like Wootalyzer but it’s still pretty handy.


I’ve used Wootstalker occasionally, but its bulkier and clunkier. I liked the compactness of Wootalyzer in that I could just park it in one little corner of my second monitor and not have it get in the way of all the other, larger windows I have open over there.


There is a pop-out version of Wootstalker that can be resized but it doesn’t stay static on top like Wootalyzer does since it’s essentially a separate browser window without the toolbars.

Is this where we bug @lichme to make a system tray app for Wootstalker? :wink:


It’s possible Wootalyzer used RSS which we deprecated a while back.

Wootalyzer not connecting