How many people use this application or one similar to it. Personally i like it, besides the constant updates and not updating properly without manual downloading it. What other programs if any does every body use?


I love the features of wootalyzer, however seems to have a severe lag. last woot off i used wootalyzer and wootwatcher at the same time. sometimes there was a difference of 45 seconds to a minute between when the wootwatcher popped up the new product and when wooalyzer popped it up. As we all know, during a woot-off 45 seconds is alot. Wootwatcher does not have all the bells and whistles though.


have not used woot watch before ill have to check it out


For the record -

The lag issues have been resolved as of 12/10/07 (a non-optimized portion of code was bottlenecking out mirror feed).

The update issues have been solved as of version 3.3.0. (Unless you are running Vista, in which case you must “Run as Administrator” for updates to work correctly).

So, just give it another shot next time around and you’ll find it’s back up to par ;).