Where did woot.com get such great professional singers for their wootcasts?


Hahaha! It does sound like more than one person doing the podcasts, but from what I’ve been told, it’s all done by one guy! Matthew S., one of woot’s creative guys does them all alone…music, vocals, sound effects, yup, everything, by just one person.


(Qwertz, check your private messages.)


hmmm, guess I’m the only one who’s impressed…well, let’s see what you can create…make one and post the link in here.

(Hardly slept last night, thus the odd mood.)


oh, i’m always impressed, especially since he comes up with a new, witty one every weeknight…


I’m impressed, The next time on of the kids I-pod’s crash they are going to find them on the computer.
(it seems my computer is the family backup, files, music, photos)
The mp3 player is still the best one.