can someone post up all the old wootcasts? or torrent them? or something?

i just started listening to these recently, and realized that they are bloody hilarious. i would LOVE to get all the old ones that i missed.

Thanks Everyone!!!


If you go to the community section, then click on woots, they are on the right side of your screen. Only 5 per week though, guess Matthew takes weekends off.


Thank You. ThankYouThankYouThankYouThankYouThankYouThankYouThankYouThank

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I always forget to listen to the Podcasts. I am going to start making it a part of my routine.



If you use itunes, you can subscribe to the podcasts…and download all the old ones into a single playlist, then let 'em run. Try this: http://www.woot.com/WhatIsWoot.aspx#q37

(Sorry, but not all threads are hijackable, bwaaahahaha!)


curses, foiled again!



Soryy, but it’s a big playground.


Just wondering why? A legitimate question has been asked. The question has been answered.
Hijack the thread is the next step, isn’t it? It always has been.


If the topic is a woot/forum/tech-related subject and might result in questions from other members, then those conversations should have a chance to develop.

It’s not a big deal, since many will just start a new thread if the hijacking has taken a thread way off-topic. However in some cases there have been complaints about topics not getting an opportunity to be fully discussed.

Some people don’t care, but some posters do, using the argument that there are plenty of threads for “postwhoring” and there are others who might want to discuss “blahblahblah”, too.

To be clear, this poster made no such request. I had info to add, so since it was a new thread, I deleted the three posts that were admitted hijackings.(Not long ago, someone was interfering in the “flow” of the One Word thread. When I saw that, I deleted the offending posts there. In this forum, it just depends on the situation lol, to the extent it gets moderated…


) Make sense?


Yep. But are you taking time off to play?


Yeah, it makes sense. btw you could have deleted my post in the product thread this week, the kid who I was answering would have read it right away.

Poof is right, we totally lost you to your mod job, spend some time with us when you see it is a good night, and yes we still have some really funny nights.


well, it seems like this thread managed to get completely off topic (“hijacked”?) anyway, and i hate to go off on a complete tangent, but i was just wondering, i was downloading all the back podcasts, and before Oct
2005, there are none. are they just not on the website, or did they start then?


Hmm… I don’t have the exact date, but that sounds about right.
Matthew will be glad you enjoy them, you should send him a PM.


Yeah, sorry…I tried…there is a diff between the natural progression of a thread wandering on to other questions/issues, as happened here, and the more unnatural hijacking.

It’s the nature of the EElse forum.

The podcasts weren’t a regular thing, prior to the 28th. I think there were a few random testcasts, but not sure where to get them. Like Ace said, Matthew is your best bet for the few you might be missing.


That does sound like the start. If you write to Matthew he will answer you. He is still new enough at this fame stuff that he likes it!


a private meszsaged him. i also applied flattery, it usually helps. we can only hope.

thank you woot community.

// loveness,

the fruithead.