WOOTDUNNIT - Combined Crap Tracking

Eyes wide crap!

I got the Crap Collector. Wonder what I’ll get?

Blue Oyster Crap - let the games begin. ( Fortunately, my 11 cent pizza made it through before the card shut down for suspicious activity :slight_smile: )

This is my 8th Bug on Crack!

Can’t wait to see what random, broken items I receive this time.

Blue Oyster Crap

I’ve got a fever and the only prescription is more crap!


I stink it twas craps in a blue dress.

Got myself some Crap in a Blue Dress! Can’t wait to get it!




s o o n ! ! !

Another “Crap, I know who killed me” here! First one in a little while and Friday was my birthday. Hopefully this BOC will be extra carpy!

Crap in a blue dress if it ever ships! Today, yes??? Please!!!

Scored a crap in a blue dress. Thing was available for almost 20 minutes. Now, anticipation.

Blue Oyster crap! My 6th bag, eventually I’m bound to get something that doesn’t blow.

Still holding out hope for one of the legendary Thunder Thighs cards

I got The Crap Collector. 6 bags received so far, the best one had a handful of 6’ HDMI cables and a few sets of those 360 Degrees earmuffs. The rest were, understandably, crappy.

Most recently I got size XL womens sandals and a “NO EXCHANGES NO RETURNS” sign from a questionable product line. You can’t see it right now, but I’m giving you the side-eye Woot.

Got in on a “Crap. I Know Who Killed Me Crap.”
My third one with all in the past year or so!

Finally scored my first bag-o-crap. Can’t wait to see what goodies come in my bag-o-crap!

Scored a Hollywoodcrap! We’ll see what treasures will lie within…