WOOTDUNNIT - Combined Crap Tracking

Eyes Wide Crap here.

This is my 21st crap. You would think I would have learned by now :slight_smile:

Anyone get a letter?

As far as I know, none have even shipped.

Gloat gloat gloat crapulous craptastic!

For me, this makes Crap 3: The Crappening. Yay?

I’m considering sleeping at my mailbox in anticipation of receiving my first BOC. I can’t wait!!!

Eyes wide crap! Yeah!

Blue oyster crap!

This is my 8th crap. The last time I got crap, there were letters that went out in that batch and apparently one recipient never even checked in. Disappointment. I hope some new crappers here realize if they get a special letter to check in with woot!

I got my first box of condoms in years!

I’ve been waiting for a letter since my first Woot on 4/28/2007. Trust me. If I get a letter EVERYONE will know about it!


I scored Kiss Kiss Crap Crap off the twitter link the other day.

It’s my first BoC, been using Woot for years.

I’m elated. I don’t even care what’s in it. I am enjoying rubbing my friends and coworkers collective faces in the anticipation of my crap. That alone is worth cost + shipping.

Got my 2nd boc. My first was almost 5 yrs ago to the day. It was my 1st woot purchase too.

This is my 4th crap, although only my 2nd one on this account. I was in a hurry to buy my 3rd last year and couldn’t remember my login info, so I just made a new account and still managed to land it last summer.

Truly, my BOCs have gotten worse with time (Crap, crapper, crappiest), so I’m hoping I already hit the bottom and things start moving back up.

That’s a little too crappy

Oh, that was gold. I actually laughed out loud.

I sure do! Thanks for asking! I thought about just leaving the comment like that but I actually do like sharing this info.

Total non canceled craps: 3430
Canceled craps: 70

So cancellation rate of 1.4% which will sound low, but that’s actually pretty high since changing to automatically rejecting any additional orders placed by one account within a 7 day rolling period. It feels like that was actively discouraging people from trying to get another. But since some of these lasted pretty long, I think it was enough time for people to waffle and just sign in/create a new account to buy another. Bummer!

My 1st bag on its way, Mulholland Crap to be precise.

Woot crap is so irresistible, it can turn even saints into sinners.

I am totally hoping for a crappy mouse, as the crappy teeny little mouse that came with my 1st BoC from 6 or 7 years ago just died.

(for clarity, i mean the computer accessory kind, not the heartbeating fluffy kind)

Edit: OMG, I just looked at order history and that BoC was from 2006, guess I got my $8 worth out of that crappy little mouse. Wonder if I can remember what else was in that BoC…