WOOTDUNNIT - Combined Crap Tracking

I’ve been a Wooter since 2006, and this is my first BOC!

I’m prepared to be thoroughly disappointed, but still feel like I’ve accomplished something…

Whatever it is I’m sure it will be craptacular. My friends daughter loved the table of elements t-shirt I gave her last year.

Congratulations on scoring your first ever BOC. Hope it’s extra crappy! And by that I mean, only mild disappointment. LOL.

I’m expecting this one to be truly crappy. The last two had some nice crap in it, so it’s time for karma to bite hard.

Well,well,well,scored my first BOC, Mulholland it is. Can’t wait to see how crappy it is!


I got the Bride of crap.Waiting on shipping.

Nope It’s all crap

Yay! Be prepared for premature disappointment.

Kiss Kiss Crap Crap

We’ve been away for a bit, but Jasper dog and I are excited once again to be part of the crap wait.

FASCINATING. About how long did it take you to weed through that? Should we set up a GoFundMe to get you some really expensive, luxurious eyedrops after all that eyestrain?

Eyes Wide Crap here.

Can’t wait to see what I got.

Crap in a Blue Dress for me

Sept 21, 2005
purchased first BOC
July 14, 2015

Spoiler alert…
It’s crap.

Wait, what? Explain?
As in, no more cards ever? No chance of anything but crap? Nothing to hope for and then be bitterly disappointed about when the bag comes as described?

Gratz to anyone who gets Wootbots Letter… One on woot’s Bday is … PRECIOUS

Crap in a Blue Dress…awaiting delivery…just hope it has nothing to do with wearing a dress!

Thank you agingdragqueen! I was looking at the wrong order. I have so many previous BOCs marked as ‘denied’ I got confused.

This is my 2nd bag in 7 years. The first one was truly crap but that’s the fun of it right? Here’s to the fun and excitement of the waiting process! Can’t wait to see what people get!

Thanks again!