WOOTDUNNIT - Combined Crap Tracking

If you’re crap collector, yer gonna want a Pu Pu platter

Hollywoodcrap obviously means WE get the best of the worst, right?

I got really lucky this time. I got my bag of crap while vacationing in Hawaii from my cell phone. I have never have gotten close before on my cell but the big time difference made it possible since it (bureau of crap) went up at midnight woot time.

I dont think she was referring to the Letters… They come from Wootbot.

Any update on the shipping? Did you get any out yesterday?

Anxiously awaiting shipment of my Boards of Crap…

Were there seriously only 3500 sold? Given how long some of these were available, I’m shocked it’s not more.

My employee (not the one that got the mystery item – I fired him immediately thereafter) had enough time to create an account, enter his CC# and fulfill the purchase. It took him like 10 minutes.

He’s still asking me what the big deal is about getting crap.

I await my first ever BOC. I’ve tried many times over the years and finally got one on my second try of the day. First one failed due to an old CC on file. Oops. Looking forward to my 3 craps.

Another Wooter to score a BOC for the first time. How exciting. Hope it’s beyond your crappiest expectations!


Sure. Just keep telling yourself that. :tongue:

I got one i got one finally i GOT ONE YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

darn :frowning:

I managed to score a bag of crap (or 2) during that time period but was never lucky enough to get one of your cards.

Has anyone got a tracking number yet?

The cards were very limited a few years ago (I think 20 sets were made). You can see a picture here from someone else’s crap

I have not got email from woot but can track it on FedEx and I see Shipping label has been created

Track by reference at FedEx is working for me now (use your Woot order number as the reference number), so that got me the tracking number.

The label has been printed, and the placeholder weight is 3.2 lbs.

I looked up my order and my husbands…both show 3.2. Think it’s a place holder?

I can confirm. Same weight placeholder, and labels all created at 7pm last night. I imagine we will get updated information today from woot.

8 years. First Bag. The feel the anticipation will be the least crappiest part of the experience.

Not yet for me, but that’s when it’s the greatest. Once you move down the crap cone of certainty, it gets inversely proportional in quality.