Wooted item not being shown in My Account?

Hi all other wooters!

  First of all hi from a Syracuse,NY wooter!

I had bought the last week’s winewoot. As soon as I bought it, My Account said the transaction went smoothly and all.

  But, today when I login, MY Account says, "You not bought anything". Is it something like it only tracks woots till 1 or 2 days? Or is it some bug, or some kind of a dead woot? 

  Can anybody who has been a wooter let me know if this is normal.


did you check your account at wine.woot? It should show up there. If you are checking your account from woot, shirt.woot, or sellout.woot, it’s likely it’ll show you have bought nothing, as you have not bought anything from those woot sites… yet.

Go back and check your account after looking at wine.woot.com first, and I am fairly confident you will see that you bought one woot from that site.

If I am wrong, chalk it up to me being some anonymous Internet prankster!

Hey Kenny,

Thanks for posting that!

I actually checked that but forgot to update it here. I didn’t realize that they were different.


He may have been right this time, but that doesn’t make him any less of an anonymous internet prankster. :wink: