Wooters from Texas


how do you get shipping credited with a Texas Woot a coupon code?
ive never heard of it, another wooter mentioned but he did not answer my post


I’m not from Texas, but I believe the code is TAXSUCKS (or something like that)… you get $5 off your order… it may not give you back all the taxes, but at least it covers the shipping…


FYI… the code only works on Woots >$40.


glad someone around here knows what the deal is :slight_smile:


wish i knew that before… guess i can use it on a future woot.


So let me get this straight? If we are from TX, shipping them item to TX, if the woot is over $40, we can enter in coupon code TAXSUCKS and we get $5 off?



I live in Wacko just a little over 100 miles from Woot.central and find I get things pretty darn fast. Free would be even nicer!