Wooters on Xbox Live

Okay, there have got to be some Wooters with xbox live tags. So let’s post them here (maybe along with some games you’d like to play). I think it would be cool to get some all-Woot xbox battles going if enough people are interested :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’m geekfactor12 on xbox live. I’d potentially be into playing COD4, Team Fortress, or maybe Rock Band.

Anyone else?

I’m sphyxkat on live. I only have halo3 and project gotham 4 though.

I’m surprised you only got one answer.

Me too :frowning:

I know my son is on. I think he only plays guys he knows.

Bump the thread for a few days, see if you get anyone else.

PS3 kicks xbox’s buttox.

^^^ is a dumb

Im getting a xbox 360 soon, so when i get xbox live for it i will post my id on here.

Heh, I just don’t get why anyone would play games on the xbox when you can play them on the PC. Doesn’t make sense to buy the xbox.

Xbox = cheaper than a gaming computer.

My husband is trying to decide between an Xbox or a gaming computer for that reason right now, and I’m trying to sway him in the direction of the computer. l o l

But, a computer can be used for a lot more stuff, it will not depreciate as quickly, ect. Besides, everyone has to have a computer now anyways.

A computer vs xbox? The computer depreciates way faster. You have to upgrade your computer every two years or so with a new graphics card and maybe ram, maybe processor. An xbox will never have to be upgraded for its entire lifespan, which is about 6 years. It will always be top of the line and work perfectly with your games.
I am personally more on the console side, mostly for ease of multiplayer. I am thinking about switching more to computer, just to build a new computer.

My tag is “El Sleazio.” I’m pretty hooked on halo 3 these days. I also have Tiger Woods 08, a few of the Need for Speed games, and that LOTR Warcraft style game (which I have yet to try).

A used xbox can be bought for $60 (max), I don’t know what a computer from that timeframe would be but I would think it would sell for more than 60 bucks. Also, I would think the fact that you can’t upgrade the xbox would be a downside. I could be wrong…

Some people use macs. Ancient, program-filled macs with very little free space. And these people just want to play video games, with a controller, and on the the internet, and at a speed perfect for shooting dudes in the face before they know you’re there.

I assume, anyway :wink:

get a real computer, then! :tongue: :wink:

did you know, the xbox 360 uses a modified PowerPC chip? it’s like the old macs!

Enjoy that.

Awesome, I just added you. Maybe you, me and James can play a game of Halo sometime!

Okay, I have a question about COD 4 MP. I can’t find the answer to this, so I figured I’d ask you.
Do you know how the Host gets picked in an MP game? I’ve played a bunch & have never gotten the opportunity to pick the map or notified that I was the host.
Does Live just randomly pick a player to be the host?
Plus, there’s the fact that some games end after just a couple of minutes because the host ended the game. Does that player know he’s the host?

slimXwhitman I mainly play COD4 and now VEGAS2… see you guys on there!

I also play halo 3 occasionally but not much