Noun. The feeling of intense mental and physical pleasure one gets when one woots something one really, really wants before it is sold out. Example: “I bought three WD Hard drives today for $150 and promptly had a wootgasm!” - Or, “I’ve never bought BOCs before because I live on the East Coast, but the other night I was up drinking and I just happened to click on woot.com at 1:00 a.m.” “I got three BOCs and wootgasmed so hard I fell off my chair!”


Good word! I know exactly what you are talking about!
Do you have a word for when you miss the BOC even though you were there at 1am sharp?


And almost wootgasmed before you realized that you were out of luck? I was thinking that was premature wootaculation but I could be wrong.


Or impotence.


Or wootus interruptus.


Bwaahahahaha! Love it.




My wife actually experienced multiple wootgasms during the last WOOT-off.




Well, sure, since the WOOT-off lasted multiple days. I mean, I would hope so, since that’s what the WOOT-off is supposed to be about.


Yeah, but personally, I think she was faking it on the salad spinner.


Perhaps, perhaps. But I ask you - Have YOU ever waited for lettuce to dry? I think not.




did you get in on it too?


Nah, I just like to watch.