WootOff from the 16th and 17th

Does anyone know if ANY of the items from the latest WootOff have begun to ship? I ordered 2 items and neither have shipped as of 02/21.


I bought the LeakFrogs . . . dunno if they’ve shipped . . . I’m not too worried, I’ve always gotten my woots!

Already recieved and burned my headphones…

good thing . . . cuz they obviously peenched yer already narrow haid!!!

uh . . . Boss . . . .

Received my boc and the IFinder GPS unit. Nothing else I ordered has shipped.

What was in your Bride of Chucky?

1x Fake Leather Bag
2x Pulse CD Players both work
1x 250gb WD Hard drive w/ a message stating if it doesn’t work use as paperweight. It does work had to delete partitions and reformat
1x GeForce 4 Mx440SE 128mb AGP card
1x XL OmniFi t-shirt
8x uline air pillows

Nice, especially the air pillows.

No doubt I was really surprised when the computer recognized the hard drive. Had to take one of the CD players apart and fully insert the ribbon cable for the keys on top to make it work.

What? They tell me they are sold out and one bag had 14 craps!!!



1x faux leather messenger bag
1x virgin mobile 2.4 ghz cordless phone, poorly shoved back into original packaging. Re-soldered charging connection to printed wire board, works now.
1x panda express surplus panda
1x generic CRT monitor movable base that apparently fell off while upgrading woot offices to LCDs

wow, looks like you hit the jackpot

My Sushi Kits arrived today.

do they not believe in tracking numbers? i have nothing in my inbox and nothing in my account saying anything has shipped. I ordered the $30 mystery speakers. has anyone gotten their’s yet (speakers that is)?

A good place to check on this is in the product thread for the particular item. Generally people will begin posting when they receive their woots.
All the woots are listed under the Woots section of The Community.

I’ve got a tracking number showing for my Leak Frog.

I don’t have a tracking number showing for my Leaky Joy Stick. Maybe I’ll get a notice that says they don’t have it and are crediting my account…I could only wish. I wanted to get my first woot so badly that I didn’t take the time to make sure that it was a meaningful experience. You only get to do your first woot once…I should’ve made it memorable.

I suspect that the woot-off will cause a couple of extra day’s backlog in shipping. I wouldn’t worry about it until early next week. For $30 mystery speakers, I probably wouldn’t worry about it at all. :slight_smile:

They do believe in tracking numbers. However, they do not post one until the shipper shows up at the Carrollton warehouse to pick the stuff up. Then it will show up in your account when you click on your order number. They will also send you an e-mail.
Have faith.

My leak frogs arrived today. They sure are cute! It will be a shame to hide them under a sink.

Usually that is the way it works.
However, I have in the past actually received the merchandise before the tracking # was up and before receiving the email telling me it had shipped.
I have wooted quite a few times and I have always received the merchandise.