Yeah, way cheaper on the manufacturer’s website.
I miss the old Woot.
Amazon RUINED Woot
WORST woot-off ever
Never shopping at woot again.

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I promised to dig out my extra Wootopolys and check how much it would cost to ship to someone. And then promptly forgot both to do it and who wanted one.

Does anyone remember?

I believe you offered to send 2 to me.

PM me your address.

Didn’t you already buy all of them?

Thanks, but I don’t really need them.

I believe @mtn3pitt and @mydearWootson want some copies though.

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Thank you. I’ll see if I can find some boxes.

Do these ever go on sale or do I have to do something amazingly amusing to the Woot staff?

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@ThunderThighs might know

Two weeks later, @yosefa will be unable to exit their house due to a pallet of these blocking each door.


I thought they were out until they get new interns who don’t know not to go into the enchanted section of the warehouse where all items come to life at night?

I’d say, ‘Bring it!’ but if you count blocking the garage door and three house doors, that would be a lot of pallets full. Otoh, I suppose I could use them to proselytize for the “Cult of Woot!” going door-to-door.

“Neighbor, have you heard the good word about Woot!? Here, have a copy of our Woot! Gospel, Wootopoly…”

Could take the rest of my life…

Fine, so take my first (unmentioned idea), couple it with my second (unmentioned idea), take the offspring of those ideas and pair it with my third idea, and glue boxes of Wootopoly together to build walls around each door.

I have 2 sets. One that I use and my son kills me Everytime. The other is not yet opened.

None of my sets were opened by me, although one came in a damaged outer box, and the plastic was ripped.

I haven’t taped the plastic yet.

Heh! I’ll keep that as an idea for revenge on someone if your original prediction of pallets of games arrivIng on my doorstep(s) comes true.

Kitty got bored very early in the game.


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You can’t lose with “the Claw”.