Woot's False Advertising - Blendtec 575 Blender

Has anyone else purchased Blendtec Classic 575 Blender?
If you look at this listing that I purchased it says it comes with a 8 year warranty. When I bought the blender I was happy with the deal. Now a couple years later my blender motor burns out. At first I didn’t mind because I thought it would be covered by the warranty, but I was wrong. I call Blendtec and they say Woot straight up lied and went on to say the blender woot sold me only came with a 1 year warranty.

I reported this to Woot and I got back the following response:

"Hello there,

We’re sorry, but it has been more than 90 days since you purchased the product, which means that the window on our 30-day return policy has closed.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer’s warranty has expired as well. You can still contact the manufacturer to see if there is anything they can do.

Best regards,


This was a terrible response and didn’t address the issue in the least. Anybody else experience terrible customer service with Woot when related to fraud and false advertising?


Hi there. Sorry about the problems. Let me reach out to customer service on Monday.

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That looks to be their generic automatic response they give to any sort of warranty request outside of 90 days now, which does not account for any of the older sales with longer warranties, and completely ignores what the actual product pages say. I am dealing with the exact same issue for a mattress with 15 year warranty right now.

The worst part about the reply that they give is it shows in black and white that the actual requests being sent to them are not actually being read in any meaningful manner, which is kind of a slap in the face from support. It is almost a worse reply than getting no reply back at all. It is beyond frustrating to get back a reply that not only does not actually answer the question or request, but that shows they did not even read or even understand what the support request is about. Then on top of that there is no way to follow up at all built into the support system. Replying to that email from them never gets back another reply, and opening a new request gets automatically closed in the backend without you even being told it is happening. So you get a useless slap in the face response, with no way at all to follow up further. When I got my reply from them, the SAME reply as you, I replied to the email, and after weeks got no reply. I then opened multiple more requests over months from December till now and had no way at all to know if they were ignoring the support requests, or if they were even getting them.

Luckily it appears that this forum is the place to get proper help as ThunderThighs has helped a few other people with this problem as well. I feel bad for people who do not know about this forum who are just screwed by the current black hole of a support request system.

It does look like the information Blendtec gave you is ALSO wrong, as the Blender Woot sold and said has an 8 year warranty actually has a 2 year warranty, not the 1 year they told you, which can be confirmed right on their own page. Classic and Total blenders come with 2 years new. Only refurbished units come with 1 year. So unless Woot also sold a refurbished unit as new, on top of saying 8 years, then there is just bad info all around.


Any update?

They’re still looking in to it.

Update: You should have an email soon.

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Thank you. I still don’t have an email but I’ll check tomorrow morning.

I double checked. They did email you a couple options. Check your spam/junk folders, pls.

Thank you. They emailed me last week. I responded and I have yet to receive a reply. It feels like they really dont want to help me.

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They’re just slammed with all the Prime stuff going on. Please be patient.