Woot's Pet Garage Sale

Thank you, thank you for the Avian products. Seriously. Sick of seeing things only for cats and dogs. Thank you.

Bought 1 North States 4914 Easy Close Gate- Burnished Steel last time it was available. It is the best pet/baby gate I have ever used. So I just bought two more. It fits well in uneven doorways and is super easy to open: just pull up. It stays open if you need it to and closes easily. Best thing is that our puppy shows this gate R-E-S-P-E-C-T which is more than I can say for our carpets.

URRGHH! I just bought the Vision Large Bird Cage Starter Kit elsewhere, for a bit more, LAST WEEK! I never figured I’d see it on WOOT! cry Oh well, for anyone wondering; it’s a pretty good cage, the large size is decent for a cockatiel, and so far does seem to keep most of the seeds/feathers within. I like that the doors swing in so I can leave them open, she can perch there and I can cuddle her, and she’s not going to poop outside the cage.

My bird does need additional branches though; she needs something that extends to the bottom to climb up, since she can’t climb up the plastic.

Bought one of the Bamboo Solid Dog Collars last time they were on here and really love it!! Good quality, color and comfort level on my pup. In for three more plus matching leashes this time around. Glad they are back.

Do people really still pay these prices for plastic fish tank plants? I would think the 99 cent store would have driven soon the 7.99 a plant hustlers out of businesses. Also, all of these light up dog collars can be purchased on eBay for one dollar, and they are the same quality.

Question about the pet roller carrier: Is is airplane approved? Will it fit under the seat infront of my mother when she travels far away from me with her cat which hates me?

does anyone know if that dog crate comes with a divider?

No, we’d list it in the features/specs if it did.

Not officially, it seems likely it could be on some- but airlines do tend to have different requirements, and this is fairly big. Southwest for example limits it to: 8.5” high x 18.5” long x 13.5” wide.

large bird cage suitable for tiels and lovebirds? obviously woot and i have very different definitions of what constitutes a large bird cage. i suppose i could give woot’s cage to my bird as a chew toy.

I have the Dog Crate just like the one here except for mine has a doggie door. I paid nearly twice this much for mine a couple months ago. I have and elderly medium sized dog around 20lbs. He is now blind…I use this to confine him during the day while I work…otherwise he would get lost in or corner and or possibly hurt himself. I also bought a piddle place device that I keep in this pen along with a pillow the size of a bed pillow for him to sleep on. I had to go to a funeral and had to take my dog to a friends house for an extended stay. THIS crate was amazeballs…It disconnects into 4 flat sections in 10 seconds flat…and is nearly as quick to set back up. It was a great way to let my old boy sleep undisturbed while visiting and I think he considers it just a drafty crate! Either way I feel secure that he is safe inside… Highly recommend!!!

Hamster cages? How hamsterrific of you, Woot! I operate Hamsterdam AZ, a non-profit small animal rescue and I’m ALWAYS needing inexpensive cages. I mean seriously, there’s close to 90 hamsters in my living room, so I NEED more cages. And this is a cool looking cage, wish it could be here in time for this weekend’s adoption events. Oh well they’ll be here in time for the big pet expo next month. So cool! Me and all my hammies thank you for thinking of their needs too!!

Re: rolling pet carrier - what size dog is this for, have 15 lb sheltie mix, would he fit?

I got my two Midwest Avian Adventures Poquito Avian Hotel Ruby cages in the mail and they’re great! At least for my parrotlets since I keep them out most of the time and put them in cages when I leave the house.

The Vision cage is huge. Seriously tall. They have it at my local petco. It’s much cheaper at woot, even with the $5 shipping cost.

Heres a youtube video review with a tiel and a 'let in the Vision Cage

I bought one of the sofa protectors in a recent sale and do not recommend it. For $38 (shipping counts!), it’s narrower, shorter, thinner, noisier, less absorbent, less fuzzy, a less saturated color, and much less comfortable than the equivalent $54 SureFit version I bought from the mothership.

The EasyFit suffices while the other one is in the wash, but it’s really surprisingly crappy.

Asked yesterday - trying again. Anyone have an idea of the size dog that the wheeled carrier holds. Can’t find clue in description. Help - anybody???

Too late to help anyone, but the 26" dog crate has the wrong specs. It is nowhere 936" anything: do you have space for a dog crate that is 78 feet wide, tall, or long? Stupidly, I assumed that was a mistake for 9.6", but it is larger than that. It is for a 9-week old GSD, so it is probably better at larger than 9.6", but way smaller than 936".

It’s for Clifford, the Big Red Dog. I’ll let the team know to correct it before running it again. Thanks!

I received my Vision Medium Bird Cage Starter Kit today and I like the cage very much. However all I received was the cage, the starter kit items were not included. This is what the starter kits normally include: “In addition to the bird cage, the kit also includes tropimix super premium formula food, 1 sheet of cage paper, living world cuttlebone, living world spray millet, living world sticks treat, prime supplement and a bird care guide.”

Sorry the kit is missing. If you haven’t already, please send support@woot.com an email with your order info and situation; CS can check into your account and options.