Woot's Server Problem: My Solution


So I think that Woot has become all too well-known right now… the server is always being overloaded, great deals sell out in seconds, and it becomes hard to have a decent Woot-Off because half of us can’t see the page till after a low-item-count object has already sold out.

My solution: switch web pages. Just move woot. No warning, no notice. Just change to a different web address, and wait to be found again.



dumbest idea ever.

Quick and best solution to speed up the servers without upgrading since woots not going to, ever. Ban all non American IPs and that’ll be a huge help.

@ Canadians : No, we don’t care. No, you don’t deserve items off of woot. No, don’t even come here looking at items only to make threads asking woot to ship to your country. We don’t go to Canadian sites and yell at them for Being Canadian only stores, do we? No, we don’t.

Ban Canadians and the servers will speed up, it’s guaranteed.