The wireless keyboard I got doesn’t work. You provide no instructions on how to make returns and you don’t respond to email inquiries. Happily, you didn’t charge my credit card for the order, either? Woot is going on?


Did you put batteries in the mouse?


Yes. Batteries in the mouse and in the keyboard. The mouse lights up, but does not respond. I tried the conventional and the USB connections. I think that this “refurbished” item never was refurbished. Package states “batteries included” but there were none.


**Exactly which item is this? **This belongs in that thread, where other users can assist you. For example, did you push the synch buttons?

Try actually reading the info in the “What is Woot” and the “Write Us” links, at the top of the page, prior to making claims that woot gives no instructions.


Try losing the attitude. I can read and follow instructions, thanks. I will just withhold payment if you ever figure out how to bill my credit card. Meanwhile, you can count me as one pissed off former customer.


You gave no info on which product was the issue, yet, the info you requested is readily available to you in the sections I mentioned. You don’t bother to provide the type of keyboard or post your question to the specific item’s thread, as explained in several areas of those links?

I was trying to help move you in the right direction, but it seems you just prefer to be angry. I don’t work for woot, nor do I speak officially for them. This simply doesn’t belong in the WoWoot forum, where you won’t get help, beyond, “Did you use batteries?”

Without the manufacturer/ item title, etc, I can’t move your question to the appropriate item thread, where someone who has “it” might assist you.


Are you eating a sandwich and holding a sparkler, by any chance?