Word Disassociation


New game?

This is like the word association games, but the point is for the next word to be entirely unrelated. If you can, point out that the previous person’s word is actually invalid and explain how it is related to the preceding word. Then try to post a word that isn’t connected to that person’s word at all. The fun is in showing how everyone else is breaking the rules.




I must be bored tonight!


No good. There are short-tailed chinchillas and there are short-tailed torpedo rays. Nice try though.



Okay now are you replacing my word, or going on from my word, because if you are replacing it, you better explain to me how chinchillas don’t have grandmothers!


Going from yours.

I hope your grandmother doesn’t have torpedoes…


Grandma worked in a torpedo factory during the war. You knew that.

testicle (just the left one, to be precise)


Though grandma didn’t have any, she sure came in contact with one or two, else, she’d have had no kids, and therefore no grandkids, preventing her from being a grandma.



Aha! Grandpa’s name was Ron, so she did.



Your rebuttal is fishy, that’s all I’m sayin.



There are plenty of fish in the Rhine. Some may be halibut. (halibuts? halibutii?)



Which word are we working on?
torpedo vs hedgehog?
Hedgehog was the first ahead-throwing ASW weapon to enter service with the RCN, and was a huge improvement over conventional depth charges in that it allowed the attacking ship to stand-off from the target and maintain sonar contact right up until the time of firing the weapon…


Even though we’re showing how the last word didn’t work, we’re going off of it anyway. So the next comparison should be between hedgehog and rhinestone. :slight_smile:


Well, those are related because there’s Sonic Hedgehog and a good way to clean a rhinestone is a Sonic cleaner…

Hmm, something entirely dissimilar to a rhinestone



rhinestone hedgehog found here.



i thought the last word was hedgehog


eh, forget it.


It was.

Hedgehogs and freon are related because they are both potentially fatal if ingested.

Disassociating from freon:



I’ve run computer models that simulate (using algorithms) atmospheric propogation and absorption of light waves due to pollutants… including CFC’s from freon.

attempting to disassociate from algorithm…



Not so fast… Mathew Pelletier wrote a publication explaining how an algorithm for GPU processing was developed to aid in the sensing of cotton lint. (courtesy of USDA website)

Disassociating from ‘Lint’…



In her book Guava Dreams, Mary Torre Kelly writes:

Cousteau (Who everyone knows was lint-free)

(disassociating from ‘Guava’)