Word Peeves


I hate when people refer to their “draws” and not “drawers.”

And when they say, “the chair is broke” and not “broken.”

And “it’s mines” and not “it’s mine.”

And, of course, when they say “acrosst” instead of “across.” There is no “t!”


‘spayded’ or ‘spaded’ instead of spayed


Me hate it when people started threads just to complain about thangs 'n stuff that bug’s thim.


Well, think of it as community service. Perhaps if one person reads this thread and learns something from it, we have made some progress.


Phone rings

“Hello, is Judy there?”
“This is her.” (No!) Appropriate responses - “This is she” or “Speaking”

*And no, my name is not Judy.


When things fit together, they “jibe,” not “jive.”


“Yous” is not a word.


“a lot” is two words.


well properly, the caller should be asking ‘may I please speak with Judy?’ Calling and asking if someone is there could result in a hangup at our house…‘yep, she’s here…bye’


There are “myriad” ways of doing things; not there are “a myriad of” ways.


OK, I know this is spelling, but: They’re vs their vs there.
It’s vs its.
Your vs you’re.
Like fingernails on the chalkboard for me.


Boy, that felt good!


Reminds me of a joke.

Phone rings

“Hello, is there a John there?”
“No, I am sorry.”
“Guess I will have to use a Dixie Cup.”


ba dum bump



Well, crap, I just did one of my own peeves on PWA, only it was a typo.
Than vs then.
Don’t they teach English in school any more?


You never “try and do” something. You “try to do” something.


I’m going to get “me” a Coke. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


hey - dontcha mean 'dont they teach English in high school no more?"



And of course, “good” and “well.”