Work and Safety Footwear from Dawgs

I had a pair of the Working Dogs for Men (the clogs) that I wore while working at a hotel front desk. So I was on my feet for 40+ hours a week. I thought they were great. Sure, they looked terrible, but since they were black, I don’t think anyone really noticed my feet. ((Was also behind a desk 90% of the time, so people rarely saw my feet)) Occasionally I would have run up stairs to assist a guest, and they felt secure enough.

So yeah, if I were on my feet for that much time, I’d get another pair.

Only choice for women is clogs? Um, no thanks, some of us actually work in boot-requiring environs.

Forgive my ignorance, but can’t women buy men’s boots? Especially if they’re serving the same purpose?

Edit: I just checked, and Dawgs’s own website doesn’t have safety boots for women.

Well, for some of us, its because we don’t fall within men’s sizes. I’d take a 5-5.5, so its youth in mens/boys. There’s not a lot of work boot options for me at all.

Did they run small? clogs don’t seem to work right for me, so I wonder if I’m sizing them wrong.

Does anyone know if the composite toe is ANSI Z41 rated?

They seem to have a “Canadian Standards Association” rating
Different markings on the boot mean different things.

I found this chart explaining the markings.

These boots do not appear to have a certified protective toe.