Work Blues


Anyone else stuck at work right now wishing they were somewhere else? I’m waiting on my assistant to get in so we can go break some stuff… er… “fix” some stuff.

What’s up wooter-inos?


I am hoping that some hot intern will stumble into my office and invite me to lunch.


Intern (after stumbling into Zilla’s office): “Hi, my name is Steve. You wanna go to lunch?”

You mean like that?


Exactly, but with more estrogen and no “man -bits”






Seems that “Steve” needs a mansiere or a bro.


Mansiere…that’s just disturbing. Maybe he can accessorize with a murse.


And a new pair of moots!


What the heck is that in your sig line? Looks like eyeglasses.


Those are consecutive thread icons.


OooooooooKay, what exactly does that mean?


How many times he was able to have his name as the last person to post on the main thread page.


pffffft, he will never beat Gman! Now that we know, he’ll never get 10 again!


If he sneaks in at 3 or 4 in the morning he might be able to do it.


Don’t forget the manties!


And the marters.


O.K. I’m stuck. Where do we go from here?




manty mose, mockings, guy highs? fishnet manty mose?