Work from Home or Work from Office

Work from Home or Work from Office

I’m retired so not applicable


This is year 3 working from home😔.
I want some office time!
However , every day the site is reporting one or more new cases of covid🤦🏼‍♀️.


My office is the great outdoors…and I have the skin cancer to prove it!

Constructing South Park GIF

Not to mention the broken body.

You are a Sherpa?

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I play from home!
I’m a fan of PlayStation
(PS4: Try getting a PS5 for list price!)
I’m rough on the controllers! (destroyed 2!)
Great outlet for tension and frustration!
Cheaper than going to the gym, jail, lawyers, and getting Covid!
Think of the skill set I can put on a resume!
Woot too! Win, Win, Win!



It really couldn’t be better for my productivity!

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I hated working from home. The big boss thought I was always goofing off. My direct boss always thought it was no problem for me to put in 16 hour days.


Since Covid I got so much office work done from home than in the office because I didn’t have anyone breathing down my neck to see if work was being completed. Work was still done on pace and on time the real issue is management has to account for why they need this expensive building to rent when everything can be done remotely.


Through the bulk of the pandemic I was doing direct care, so no option for WFH there! But, not an office either, woot! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m recently unemployed but hoping to next find something I can do working from home. I have a lot of office support history, can work well with the Microsoft Office Suite, as well as Google Docs. So any kind of support position like that. Could do data entry type thing, too. Don’t mind some phone calls but not looking for a 100% call center type thing at all. :melting_face:

Have been searching job boards and submitting my resume, but I’ll take any suggestions, tips, hints, advice… like, better places to look? Other types of jobs from home? Tips once you are working from home?

Hm, maybe I could even find a part time job in-person and a part time WFH. Either one hybrid job, or 2 separate jobs.

Until then… pretending I’m retired. :grin:

Retired here!

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A co-worker brought this up, and playing devil’s advocate, my rebuttal is that if management knows that 100% of the work can be done remotely, what would stop them from looking for candidates from lower cost-of-living areas? It’s happening a lot more with fast food drive-thru ordering nowadays; it’s already happened with a lot of tech support (to overseas).

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Mothers Day Comedy GIF by That Golden Girls Show - A Puppet Parody!

As a now SAHM, what are sick days and what for do I submit for them? Please define “off-the-clock” and “overtime pay.” :roll_eyes: Ok, as my 5th grade teacher once told our class, “stay at home moms watch tv and eat bon-bons all day.” :roll_eyes: I’m guessing he’s single now.

social media/forum moderator.


if i stamp license plates in the prison shop, is that considered wfh or wfo?

… asking for a friend.


For the last 6 years, retired. For the previous 15+ years I worked about 30% from home, and 70% in the field, calling on clients. Occasionally I would have to go to a regional office for a meeting. I would much rather work from home than to have to make a daily commute to/from an office full of people that, for the most part, I had no interest in spending time with.

Another retiree, but I do a lot of driving for Miss Daisy (my mom). :blush:

Retired! WOOT! WOOT!!

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Wfh for around 7 years, glad to

If only I could wfh.