Work is the curse of the drinking class...Whatcha Drinkin'?

Let’s be honest here…do you really think WOOT could survive if Prohibition laws weren’t repealed? Oh, sorry, I’m sure the majority of you bargain hunting, photo-chopping, post-whores are sipping warm milk or Yoo-Hoo’s while awaiting Midnight Texas time.

I thought alchaol made youe sleepie?

Like I need to tell ya.
Pinot Grigio.


Bacardi Limón and tonic.

Ha… Tonight is a mixture of a Merlot and Beck’s Premier Light… I think I’ve posted that before, but the correct wine:beer ratio always makes me glow.

Depends. Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down.

Keep away from my couch! and rug.

Wooo…beer 'n wine. You’re a bold man.

you da man, awesome choice.

“Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.”

Ernest Hemingway

Haven’t tossed my booze in 5 years*… A skill, perhaps? Either way, I don’t get as good a buzz unless I mix.

  • From Jim Beam and SoCo which I never touch anymore.

Good advice.

Woooo…Colleeeege… Ugh.

My favorite drink is either Skyy and Cranberry (Cape Codder, go figure) or Captain and Diet Coke. Maybe Stoli and Tonic in a pinch.

Skyy and cranberry is good.

No sweet stuff for me.
Nope, unh uh, none.
Yucko, instant headache.
Beer or wine only for me, really…

or I can’t come to your party,

:wink: I always have many options available to my guests. I don’t overload the cranberry as I don’t need the sweet to mask the alcohol. I just use it to flavor with lots of ice and Skyy when I make it. Sometimes I use the light cranberry that’s out there now as well.

RIGHT NOW ITS A tower OF BUDS ABD A nmikes cranberry to gert me trhough

I like Patron and Corzo tequilas (silver). However, I’m far more of a caffeine junkie than I am an alcoholic beverage drinker - Red Bull, Bawls and Penguins all the way!

I can’t belive it, somone who started drinking before they where 21!