Work on the Website? When? Why?

A few website related things to pass on. Emails don’t seem to be responded to when it comes to website stuff. Hence the post here.

I sent an email a while back to enquire about there being 0 kid size purchases showing up on the Sales Numbers page link I was emailed by woot for a shirt I had on sale. I haven’t heard anything back and that was close to a month ago. I suspected something is broken there as I know that kids sizes have been bought for my shirt and arrived delivered and they all still show 0.

I have also noticed that despite the shirts in the top 20 changing places with one another pretty regularly, they display in the first post of their discussion page an old sales figure and “last purchased” date that says no purchases have been made for 19 days (and this is for all shirts). I suspect that something was broken 19 days ago and is yet to be fixed. Or something that isn’t automated hasn’t been updated in 19 days.

There are comments in the current derby page about how the derby page is by default broken on mobiles. It is some JavaScript smarts causing that issue. I can see the errors and diagnose them. I know how to fix it but don’t have access to your servers so can’t. It’s not a difficult fix. May help boost derby vote numbers to get that fixed. I am happy to email a programmer on your end to help. It has been broken since I came to the site over 6 months ago. It’s loosing you potential wooters.

Also, is an artist dashboard coming any time soon? With up to date stats? :wink:

There seems to be work being done on the site. Evidenced by some brief downtime yesterday, change of login to use emails now, etc. Many of these other errors don’t seem to be fixed though.

Are there any comments by someone at woot on whether there are plans to fix/build any of this website stuff in the near future? I’m happy to help where I can.


Our devs are aware of the derby page not working on mobile. It’s not a matter of not knowing how to fix it, rather shirt.woot doesn’t have a dedicated developer team and must wait in line for these changes to be made. Apparently the derby page not working on mobile is soon to be fixed…from what I’ve been told.
I can look into the Top 20 things you mentioned when I can. It’s possible that there are tiny bugs in there since we’ve changed a lot of the site around it without overhauling the Top20 itself. As for an artist dashboard, which everyone here wants and thinks is pretty essential, it comes back to us not having a dedicated development team… or even ONE dedicated developer… to work on our site. It is something we are working on getting set-up is what I can tell you. The site-wide changes are just that, site-wide. We have to file requests and tickets and things to get anything changed on shirt.woot and trust me, we have.

Hi Ochopika,

Thanks so much for the prompt response. The difficulties with the website just seem so little to fix and seem to have taken so long (which is understandable given what you guys have to work with (as you have explained well above))…

I guess it doesn’t matter how little or quick a matter is to fix if it is waiting in line behind 100 other things for a non-dedicated developer team to do for a bunch of other sites. I hope you guys do get a dedicated developer to work with one day.

Artist dashboard in the works sounds cool!

p.s. I still miss NICE SHIRT! but understand you’re probably working flat out as usual without having something extra to do!