Work Up Electric Adjustable Stand Up Desk

Work Up Electric Adjustable Stand Up Desk

What is the width between the legs on the floor? I want to add a treadmill

Hi there. Vendor states 33"

shipped me 2/3rds of a desk, options given $50 dollars or a shipping label to return a 100 lbs desk with a box so destroyed i will have to get one from ups…none of those options are acceptable Woot. So i let Woot know this in an email. instead of responding to my email they sent me a label.

So i am posting here thinking they may read the forums.

they are looking to see if they can find replacement parts in warehouse. after i started another support ticket. will update with more info as it comes.

Yep, was just gonna post. Talked by my CS buddy and he’s on it.

Just got this order and was missing feet, screws, control panel, wiring and desk body to frame mount. Box was all banged up. Too flimsy to mail back. Can’t even plug in to to test.

Oh dear. I’m sorry. Please reach out to Woot! Customer Service.

From a browser, use the Woot! Customer Service form.

In the Woot! App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

I emailed no response. This is not good, this was sold as “New” and it was clearly used/damaged. You have my money and I have useless parts:
“ Woot Order #65534029
---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Kpakpo AddoSubject: Woot Order #655xxxxxxx
To: <

I just received the desk and the box was badly damaged. After unpacking, I am missing the feet (X2) for the table, the control panel, the control wiring and the desk body to frame mount (X2). And none of the screws/mounting hardware. The box is too damaged to ship the item back. So if you can’t send the parts, I need a box to ship it back. Thanks in advance

Hi there. Give them a bit to respond. They’re running a bit behind in responses.

If a resolution isn’t reached by Monday, let me know. There’s not much I can do on the weekend.

Again, sorry for the frustration.

Promissed update:
woot was unable to come up with a satisfactory solution to the issue. Sadly this will be the last purchase i will make from woot as 3 items in one 30 day period being damaged, missing parts, or not as advertised is far too much.

I would have took your 50 doller refund had the manufature of this desk still made parts and i could have orderd the missing ones from them. But they dont make this desk or parts for it any more.
considering you buy damaged/close out items, i find it unacceptable to ask a customer to lug a 100lb item with an obliterated box to ups to ship it back to you.


Fully damaged table …is woot trying to sell damaged products at discounted rate ? With our advertising them as damaged product . This is a throwaway table and may be some one returned it due to damage


Looks like all customers have the same problem … it’s sold as new but it’s used or damaged instead of throwing out woot is selling this at discounted rate with out advertising it as damaged / returned

Looks like woot betrayed their customers, the used staff was sold as new, missing parts - very disappointing.
waiting for support reply…

After 3 weeks of anticipation and excitement, my shipment (which toured Conn, Mass, then around several towns in Conn) is now being returned by UPS back to Woot. It never even made it here, but UPS’ site now says it was damaged during shipment.

However, after reading these reviews, it probably was damaged before it got to UPS. Bullet dodged.