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Does anyone know if Canon F-792SGA Scientific Calculator has a Fractions option to convert decimals to fractions and do fraction math? BTW, this same calculator is $9.95 on Canon website.

That Dell with the TV tuner gets a solid review from CNET. One of the knocks they give it is the lack of Blu-ray.

This it the top-of-the-line calculator from Canon. I can’t find the manual for this calculator, but I found a better picture, and you can see a denominator button below “calc”.

For the programmers out there, it does support HEX/OCT/DEC/BINARY conversions.

The Pandigital digital photo frame is super nice.

Lots of features you’d pay tons more for. I got one for MiL few years ago for Xmas and she loves it. Looks amazing.

They always say that Pandigital frames are “wi-fi ready” but as far as I can tell nobody has sold the Pandigital wi-fi adapter for quite some time.

Could you pls kindly adv the Graphics is HD4000 or HD2500, I remember it should be HD4000

HP Omni 27-1057C All-in-One PC, the rate is higher usd50 than newegg,but newegg is out of stock.

What’s the deal with Refurbished merchandise lately? Why are there so many refurbished products on Woot!?

But we always sale a lot of refurbished items…

Are the buttons on the Canon hard plastic like on a ti-83?

Be aware that Pandigital is in Chapter 11 right now and is liquidating assets; Additionally, they are not honoring warranty claims of any sort. Buyer beware.

That said, pretty good price for a 12" Photo Frame; Reviews on Amazon mostly circle around a lousy UI, but not many complaints about picture quality.

Anyone know if a universal USB WiFi adapter will work with this?

Amazon has the canon printer for 9 bucks more and of course free shipping for a new product. You can even get the updated version for only 10 more than what is being asked here. Woot, what happened to your deals?

For the Cyber Acoustic speakers;
Total peek power 40 watts

They have PEEK power? Nothing makes me want to buy less from a company than when they misspell a spec on a product.