Workman 17 or 22 Foot Multi-Configuration Ladder

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Workman 17 or 22 Foot Multi-Configuration Ladder
Price: $149.99 - 189.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, Mar 07 to Wednesday, Mar 08) + transit
Condition: New


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2/3/2017 - $149.99 - 189.9 - Click To See Discussion (21 comments)

FYI both ladders are rated to 300lbs total weight (Type IA)

Curious for feedback from the February wooters? I need a ladder but passed on it in February because there was so little online about these ladders and the company.

I have a Little Giant Alta One and can say from the pictures that this looks identical to mine. From the sticker placement to the construction of the ladder itself, identical. The only thing different is the colors.

If I didn’t already have a similar ladder I would put my money on this being just as good for $40 less than its competitor.

Maybe there is an obvious answer I am missing, but why are ladders always marketed as taller than they actually are? The 22 foot ladder is only 19 feet tall?

These are Chinese knockoffs of the the American made Little Giant. So… if you are comfortable shoveling money to people who steal our intellectual property, imprison their own people and point nuclear weapons at the US, then go for it!

Here here. Hear hear? What ever, you get the idea. Agreed.

March is National Ladder Safety Month

No weight listed. My bet the little giant is lighter by 10-15 lbs.

Oops. Weight is listed. My bad

I have the Harbor Freight 17ft ladder. Works fine for me. Not super light but I’ve never carried one of these other ones either. I got mine for under a hundred but they are normally $109 when they go on sale (often).

Go check out the origin of the Little Giant ladders… Spoiler Alert: It’s China. I do, however, hope that is wrong since they claim “American Made.”

Also, holds 250 and weights 44 lbs.

This Workman is lighter and is rated for more weight.

I bought a Werner MT-17 from Home Depot for a few dollars more. Type IA and weights 39.5lbs. They also have a MT-22 which is a 22’ Type IA weights 47lbs.

I highly recommend the MT-17.

Yeah, just $10 more for the 300lb rated (1A) Werner, both sizes, at Home Depot. Not much savings here for a 1-day deal of a relatively unknown brand. Since I am undecided if I should go with the 17’ or 22’ I’m just going to wait and get a Werner from Home Depot. Thanks for the h/u.