WorkPro 408-Piece Mechanics Tool Set

WorkPro 408-Piece Mechanics Tool Set

The tape measurer contains both SEA (sic) and metric measurements.

Well, proofreading is up to par. The same error was copied over from the mothership.

The mothership description is far more readable and has prettier pictures.

Yes, it meant to say SAE, but this is mentioned further down in the description.

And it has the very rare ball-pin hammer!

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Probably a bowling alley device…

Like mine:

But just for grins, let’s assume for this case that it’s actually a ball peen hammer, similar looking to this:

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Wow, I could bowl a perfect game with that thing. It says right on the side “Sure Strike”.

Anyway, the cost of this 27 lb tool chest is $4.81/lb, if anyone is interested. :grinning:


Bowling joke continued…

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