Workshop Vises

You can get this on Amazon for $27. Not much of a savings.

W00t isn’t about awesome tech and nerd deals you can’t find anywhere else anymore, it’s for unloading Amazon’s refurb junk and overstock.
Dun’ look at me, I’m just here for the T-shirts and stupid impulse buys.

If you’re gonna buy a vice, though, make it that Yost 750-E. I’ve had a similar one in my father’s garage since before I was born and I’m 32. It’s still in perfect working condition.

Is the 4 inch Forged Steel Vise cast or forged?

The title says forged, but the description says cast - big difference between the two.

Sorry about that, we changed it, the vendor confirms these are forged steel castings rated at 90,000 PSI.