These always go on sale on Black Friday much cheaper than this. IMO worth the wait.

Time to check out the product page for the WS0250VA,WS0400VA, WS0500WM and the WS0900VA

Talk about a deal that really sucks.

It also happens to blow. Well, the big one does, anyway.

The WSO900VA is currently listed at $69.99 on the Workshop website. A far cry from the $149.99 list price claimed above. Not a great deal IMO.

I have the 9 gal one. It is a wet dry vac, but it doesn’t come with the proprietary foam filter needed to actually use it as a wet vac. It’s not a bad wet/dry, if you spend the extra $20-30 on that wet filter.

Thanks for the info

The little one looks like it is 29.99 all the time at home depot:

hope bags are available and not crazy expensive-if you’re gonna try to use these inside, ala the pics. Unless I keep an eye on amazon,I have a hard enuff time finding deals on 5 and 10 gal. shop-vac bags.

Go to Sears. 6 gallon unit for $30 on sale now. Someone is not doing their homework on these deals.

Correct. I bought the WS0250VA 2.5 Gallon model from Home Depot after my sunroof developed a leak this spring and only paid $24.99 on sale.

Do you have a link? I’m not finding a 6gal one at $30.

I am in the market for a Shop Vac, but after a little research, it seems like this is another instance of marginal woot deals since the Amazon takeover.

This website used to be super reliable for delivering amazing deals on stuff you don’t need but buy anyway.

Now it seems to be nothing but marginal deals on marginal quality product. Sad.

I see the 6 gallon one at $100 at Sears:

That’s actually a different brand. Lowes has the Shop-Vac brand with similar specs (but 2.5HP instead of 1.75HP) for $29.99. Shipping is only free if you buy at least $45 worth of stuff, but you could always pick up in store.

The Home Depot “Stinger” and this “WORKSHOP” model are identical in every way. The only exception is the sticker on the front. I would venture a guess that they are made on the exact same factory line and get Stinger stickers on even numbers days and WORKSHOP stickers on odd numbered days.