World Crapping Down

I love you woot!.. no wait… I don’t…

Woot! Finally Got one!!!

Wow that went fast

wow, I finally got 1, like 10 BOCs later…I’ve never had this much trouble getting 1.

So close…and yet not so close.

Another try, another fail. The screen refresh after process order gives so much false hope :frowning:

I keep getting logged out and missing the crap when I get it in my cart. What is going on that woot won’t keep me logged in more than 20 min or so?

Rat farts woot! I want a boc

Looks like there was only five on that one too.

I’m wooting in California, I think were broken!! I’ve got 10 missed BOC’s…

~***********************~***********~*************~****~****~***************~*~***********~******************~************~*****************~***********~***~~************~***~~~~~~~~***~~~~~~*****~~~~~~~~~~~**~another fuck you from the anti log in fairy. this is straight up bullshit. I’ve had enough.

Missed it … bummer. First time I’ve gotten this message though.

ughhh it’s never gonna happen. even with all the tricks I’ve learned. If I ever get one, I won’t even care what’s in it. It’s just a hunt now.

edit: wow…this IS marketing genius.

Missed it!

Something didn’t add up when we tried to create your order. Please review your order carefully and try again

like I said b.s…I got something for you Woot like it says in my cart …watch and see what ya’ll miss out on. See ya woot.

Wheeee!!! Yes!!!

see now that’s just being a smart a… plus putting all the other link on there is very belittling and pushy!!

You mad brah?

I’m confused. I posted the Denied message that I received when trying to buy this crap above. When I had to log in again to try to get another crap this showed on my “stuff you bought” page …