World Famous Razors



I didn’t get it :frowning:


Simple, clever and the light blue adds flair.


Founder William of Ockham was known for his parsimony.


At first I thought there had to be some conspiracy theory to explain why shirts don’t seem to get interesting Woot writeups any more, but then I realized there’s got to be a simpler explanation.


Ah, Occam. He rules my life along with his twin brother, Murphy.


Now THIS is the type of razor that woot needs to sell more of!

(sorry TT, I had to)


The simplest razor is often the sharpest one.



We have a random selection of randoms available in a Plus event on Shirt. (it moved)

And Kids randoms on Kids.






It’s a single blade razor - the simplest is always best.


I asked for the unabridged explanation and all I got was this simple T-shirt.


Is this the same Occam’s razor that nobody had ever heard of before that episode of Scrubs but now every wannabe nerd references as if it was the first words they ever spoke as a child?


Here’s a better and earlier reference in pop culture


I’ve been mulling over this one and am afraid the reason may be grim: Woot is now just a branch in a business pushing merchandise, not a hint of the witty start-up that once stole our hearts and nights.


(some pun intended)


What’s Scrubs?

Looks like it’s also posted here at shirt.woot. After all, the simplest explanation for a random sale of shirts is on shirt.

[MOD: The shirts were rebelling and refused to allow sales. We moved it to shirt.]


You assume that everyone who knows of Occam’s razor watches Scrubs. According to Occam’s razor, Scrubs is not the place where everyone heard about Occam’s razor.



Hi Nathan. Thanks for bustin out another for us today. Not that you have a stack of your “Dark Knight” shirts at your disposal, but what’s it going to take for me to get my hands on one. I’ve been on the hunt for a while.