World Industries Wrist Guards



The only safety gear I won’t skate without! Hands are the most difficult, and expensive, parts to have put back together (compare brain surgery and hand surgery), and in a fall the first thing most people will do is extend their hands to break the fall. With these on, that’s a valid response–and will save all the other parts that aren’t wearing protective gear. :wink:


Hope these come up again, while I’m watching. I’d like some of these for snowboarding. I one tweaked one of my wrists on my last run of the day. The pain didn’t go away for like 6 months (had no insurance, so didn’t have it checked), but eventually had a chiropractor (they’re x-ray specialists) check my wrist for $45. Turns out I had a joint compression injury. He said normally, the bone will just break, when there’s a lot of force on it, but in my case, the bone didn’t brake and the joint compressed. He said there was nothing that would fix it, other than time. It took at least 2 years, for me to be able to support myself on that wrist, like in doing a push-up. After 3 years, it seemed to be fully healed. Luckily, it was my left wrist, because I play a lot of badminton (and most other racquet sports) and I wouldn’t have been able to play.