World of Wootcrap Clan Tees

Are there bonus points ; )

I REALLY think these should have been $10 like the dailies this month. Since this is such a rare one off type thing, and they won’t arrive until way after, I don’t have that much desire to grab one at $12.


that would be nice. :slight_smile:

Koi in da hoooouse!

Forever a Beta Koi

got my squarryls shirt for the team…we got the nutts to push the yellow buy it now button

I gotta say, in a quite unbiased format, that the betta koi shirt is the best. Really.

(whooo betta kois!!!)

Like the Squirryl shirt, but sadly would probably not ever wear it, so its a no-buy for me.

Used to explaining many of my woot shirts to others, but this might be too much.


Nice to see that the purchase limit is 15. That’s over 2 weeks worth of lovely clean shirts while convincing the world that I’m a sad loser who has worn the same shirt for 2 weeks running!

Why is it that I get and love my woot shirts yet nobody else does :frowning:

Why oh why must it be on a black shirt? I would’ve splurged if it were another color.

Regardless, go Squarryls!

Also as a side note, the 3 clan logos are all betta koi color.

Koi, Koi, Koi!

ooooooooooo I really like the Koi’s

Yay Koi’s High five bro!

I agree. Simply the best!

Woot! I can now proudly support my fishy clan! :slight_smile: