World of Wootcrap Portal

hmm not sure what to think, when i click on the portal it just sends me back to the front page??

woot woot

The mind games!!!

Thats woot for you… go figure.

Yeah…everywhere else says sold out but this is open…to nothing?

was hoping somebody figured it out

its all a mirage!

They are toying with us

When does level 2 begin??!?!?


Get Me In The Portal!

I want in

Knock Knock!

guess we wait for level 2

i don’t get why some portals are open still while others are closed or sold out…

I win

WOO Woo Woot Happy 10th I need to say I Love BOC

World of Wootcrap WWWO WWO WOOT

Pew Pew Pew Pew