World of Wootcrap Portal

Yay! Now what? Also, why does the XP system not work?

I’m wondering why this one isn’t saying the event is sold out yet, but the rest are?

Same here. Wondering how exactly these portals work as they all seem to go to the same page. ?!?!?!?

what is this??

They answered my question on the livestream about it. Looks like there is something coming for the portals that aren’t sold out yet!

Yeah, but for some reason all the other page’s portals say sold out, but not shirt…? Also go Squarryls!

Brace yourself, the BOCs are coming

It’s Shirt, Accessories, and Tools that all still show availability. They still forward to the same page as the rest, but meh.

So basically just check the not-sold-out portals on the hour? At least that seems to be maybe how it will work.

why doesn’t this one say sold out!? INQUIRING MINDS WILL FOCUS ON IT FOR SOME REASON

im waisting my crap time here…

lol autocorrects (b.o.c.s) to birthdays of celebration

well played Woot, well played

autos to birthdays of celebration

Squarrly needs BOC, badly.

I want to buy a portal or a BOC
World of Wootcrap

So does this mean I get a B.O.C.? :slight_smile:

Well this is disappointing. I figured when we got to the shirt.woot part of this thing, there would be something awesome here.


I don’t seem to be making any progress here.

I cant seem to figure out the XP system I posted a cat and a bananna phone also where were the shirt woot catacombs?