World of Wootcrap Portal



click Add!
click click Add!

click Add, dangnabbit! Why can’t I add my portal event to my cart?! Noooooooooooo!

Will these come back around?



the portal is a metaphor

I made a map of the crappycombs, and I can’t decide whether to be proud or ashamed

Bring on Level 2!!!

Be proud brave V’owl

I have to say my old MUD skills came out and made a map too lol

Shame on you.

and i’m still stuck on L1.

Anyone know if this was for all 10k…or will there be more?


The Wootcrap Portal has sucked up my productivity today.

Portals, Portals, overtaking Woot!!!

I made a map too… Still wondering if there are any secret doors ;>

I am lost. Forever.