World on Fire

Church is a nice touch. Excellent take on the essence of DD.

Makes me feel toasty all over.

Daredevil? How is this Daredevil? When I saw the long hair, I thought maybe the Human Torch. Daredevil is red, not orange, right?

This is great! If you don’t pay any attention to comics, Mark Waid and Chris Samnee’s epic run on DD comes to an end next month. I highly recommend it!

This is pretty badass, nice work!

Where’s the Stay-Puft marshmallow man? I wanna make a S’More.

Somehow I’ve never read a Daredevil comic but the tv series, wow. (loved Mark Waid’s run on Flash in the 90s so I should check it out)

Great shirt. Another excellent superhero design, Steven!

Poor timing Woot…

Excellent shirt and I love the reference to the show in the title.

Nice take on Hell’s Kitchen.

Not sure how, but hey, you interpret the world in your way.


[youtube=I2buwyhFQWU]Remember when the earth caught fire?[/youtube]

How many graham crackers and
Hershey bars would that take?

Coincidences definitely happen. DT released this live album on 9/11/01, then immediately pulled it from shelves.

Perhaps the artist is just blind to the comic version. In any case, I think he should be fired.

Perfect timing. Just finished watching the straight into Netflix series or else I wouldn’t get the reference.

When I start worshipping the Devil is when I might buy this shirt.

Great Daredevil tee. Boffo!!!