World Renowned Willie Bird Smoked Turkey

World Renowned Willie Bird Smoked Turkey

Website shows best by 1/3/20. Shipping info shows due to arrive 1/6-1/10. What’s up?

I’m thinking this will arrive before Christmas. Let me double check.


arrives by Christmas,

Looks like prices are less just bu going to website of turkey. Right?

Are you including shipping? Shipping is included in the price on Gourmet.

Also they so have free range turkeys but this apparently is not one of nowhere does it say these are free range

If I have amazon prime I would not be paying shipping anyways

But you will on their site. :wink:

I think I picked the correct item:


Amazing turkey. Mostly seen being featured ALOT higher priced on a hoity toity company that souinds like Billiams Pamona. a sure fire hit and it’s already cooked!


I’ve never had this turkey before but I have had the Sam’s Club Member’s Mark Hickory Smoked turkey and it is excellent and was available at my local club for $1.98 per pound. The one we had for Thanksgiving was around $22.00.



I trust quality of willie bird over anything at Sam’s though any day I think I’ll give willie bird a try.

I had a turkey from this place in Texas once and it was excellent.
The turkey is similarly priced, $52 for a 9 pounder but the shipping is an extra $15 bucks.
We are both in Texas so your shipping may vary.
If this Willie Bird turkey is as good as the one I had, these are excellent turkeys and this one is worth it if the shipping price is included.

I second mannyo’s comment. Excellent turkey

You say shipping is included, but is it? If it’s 40 bucks at their site and 55, minus a penny, here. Is it really free shipping, or are we getting a discounted shipping price of 15 bucks?

Our smoked poultry is featured on the main menu of first class hotels, restaurants, deli’s, and airlines

Airlines? Airplane food has such a high regard! How impressive!

I’m sure it’s good. It’s not like I’m going to be serving the Queen of England, right?

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Sure hope it arrives by Christmas!!!

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I am in for one. Plus saved another 14% off by using the Woot app.

I didn’t say free. :stuck_out_tongue:

I said it’s included in the price.

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Since these are new and not refurbished, I may try one.