World Series of Poker Wireless Plug and Play 15-in-1 TV Game



World Series of Poker Wireless Plug and Play 15-in-1 TV Game

$6.99+ $5 shipping


1 World Series of Poker Wireless Plug and Play 15-in-1 TV Games
- VR15-BB



Wedding gift for people you don’t like?
Stocking stuffer for Wayne Gretsky’s wife?

Perhaps FEMA should buy all of these for distribution after the next natural disaster?



How many products do they usually have during one of these? I really need to get stuff done but I don’t want to miss out on something good. lol


im not that into poker - but this doesnt look like too bad of a deal - cheapest on froogle is $20 + shipping - looks like retail is $29.99…


How does the people you are playing with not see your cards? I saw it for $30 on It mentions playing with friends and family.


I have this… think 1980’s nintendo graphics, without any 2 player options


$19.99 at J&R


That answers my question… I wonder why they say play with family and friends in the official description. Who cares… thanks for the heads up.


The post is wrong… it’s 6 AA batteries, not 4 AAA


Bought 4 of 'em on 2 fer tuesday, for slightly higher price. Delighted. Great fun. Great gift. Great in the hotel if you travel. Buy 3.


Hey what was the url for the amount woot had left to sell?


Does anybody knows if BOC come out during the night ?


Got the two pack last time offered, gave one to my Pops. Ever since Mom got XP on their laptop, he can’t pull her away from Spider Solitaire. So now he plays casino games on the TV. He seems to like it, probably like any video game type thing of limited customizability (pong?), it will be fun for a while then go in the cart beside the TV and never be seen from again.

At least he doesn’t have Alzheimer’s and can enjoy little things like this…

Not for everyone, but good for some!


is the woot off over?


I still haven’t received my Game yet. Has anybody else?


I got mine. Pretty crappy unit. Glad I didnt pay 20 bucks…