World Tea Private Reserve Gift Set

World Tea Private Reserve Gift Set

A lot of words that talk a lot about the company and how effective its marketing is but nothing that actually says what the 6 teas are that are in the box.


It looks pretty sketchy
and it’s only for men.

I was tempted, but the lack of info is a deal breaker. If woot wants a sale, here’s what I need:

  1. What tea is in this set? (seems obvious, no?)

  2. When was this made? In other words, how fresh can I expect this tea to be?

  3. What is your name, your number, you serial number, are you susceptible to any diseases?

Edit: you know what woot, forget it. Mother has the same product for the same price once you use the provided 20% off coupon. AND it will probably get here WAY sooner with Prime shipping than Woot shipping.

And don’t bother looking for flavors on Mother either. Nothing there.

Clearly I have too much time on my hands…

From the Vadham website:

|- Darjeeling Summer Black Tea |1.76oz |20+ Cups|

|- Earl Grey Masala Chai Tea |1.76oz |20+ Cups|
|- Turmeric Spiced Herbal Tea Tisasne |1.76oz |20+ Cups|
|- Oraganic Himalayan Green Tea |1.76oz |20+ Cups|
|- Maharaja Breakfast Black Tea |1.76oz |20+ Cups|
|- Chamomile Mint Citrus Green Tea |1.76oz |20+ Cups|

Woot makes customers work too hard to find basic info.