World Wine Challenge CD-ROM Game

World Wine Challenge CD-ROM Game
$14.99 + $5 shipping
Second Edition
1 World Wine Challenge CD-ROM Game

Don’t forget what the dormouse (sorry) said…

Ah, you feed your Brain with it. Whoever said Brain wins!

Labrats for this?

I cant drink this…

I tweeted this to Gary V, I wonder if he would just own this game. I’m on the fence myself, I don’t now much if anything about wine so I bet I would fail tremendously. But maybe I would learn some things if I bought the game.

seriously? this is overpriced by at least a factor of three.

No CT links? :slight_smile:

First sucker: goldnndrkness

yay! im going through Sommelier Certification, so im up for this little challenge :wink: sounds fun! i like trivia

edit why doesnt it say im the first sucker anymore? aww

really? how do you figure? i checked a couple of places & the number that keeps popping up is $24.95 before tax & shipping.

It’s a good price, I’m in for one.

Would you believe there’s a wine-game-ery web site? :slight_smile:

Seriously, you can play a demo.

(Getting those quality posts by any means necessary)

wheres the hooch?

There was some sort of hiccup. I was in in the first ten seconds…

Ummm… Checking “My Account” shows I did not purchase this. WD - kick those monkeys!

I mistakenly thought it was the old edition. I mean look at those system requirements. they sure sound like 2005.

Grrr … Where’d the Reisling go? I was waiting on the second LabRat to order. :^( This two times a week thing is a bit annoying. I guess I’m too slow.

yeah: i reread 'em, and they sound more like pre-XP to me! :slight_smile:

The second labrat posted. For future reference, Cheron has a labrat thread where she posts all of the reports. It is the quickest way to read all reports, chosen and volunteer.

maybe my first wine.woot purchase! my parents-in-law love wine and this would make a good gift

For those who need to be convinced, here’s how good this deal is. Even with what appears to be free shipping from the winery they can’t beat w.w prices.