World Wine Challenge CD-ROM Game

Of course, like any other deal, it’s only good if one can really use it. At least I know I can find room for a CD-ROM. I could still use a couple of weeks of real plonk offerings to help me catch up on my heavily overstocked cellar. And I still have the tour shipment coming. WD, any idea on when?

labrats for this one?

Dude…seriously?!? You are actually complaining about having 2 offerings per week? Double the opportunity for good juice. You must be seriously hungover.

x-post from first half of the week:

If you happen to be reading this thread… isn’t Jeffersonville right across the river? I’d find a “friend” there, or just get a box at a UPS store in IN.

Help! We are going to have a lot more wine than tasters on Sat.
Anyone in the DC vicinity, read this:
Come join us, please.

IN is never on the list either. It’s a tediously long state.

I think whether one wants/needs/can use the item is a given. If you’re not inclined to buy it elsewhere, buying it here would be an added cost. That’s true for anything that’s not necessary for living – and quite a few things that are.

If you want a taste of the game, play the online demo at the web site. If you don’t find the Wine Master level challenging, don’t spend the 22 bucks here (or 25+ bucks elsewhere).

We are in DC area (Alex). Was considering this, but for the fact that I’m not a big fan of the huge reds. I took a gander at the list, and it does look like there are some interesting ones in there. Where is it being held? (not specifically, but which town?)

In Arlington, between Clarendon Blvd and Washington Blvd.
There will be some wines from AU that are not available elsewhere in USA.

Just sent you a PM so we don’t get arrested for hijacking.

$20 here. WD is not using reefer trucks for the CD-ROM :wink:

I’m waiting for the CD maker to chime in. I’m wondering what the cellar window is, as well as how much residual sugar is on the disc…

Maybe buy two copies - one to consume now, and one to lay down for later …

is this game more of an earthy old world type game, or a big fruitbomb new world cdrom?

I’d just like to point out that if you are from Augusta, Missouri (which I am not), you’d be wondering how the Cynthiana is this year, not the Norton. For some reason those areas in Missouri north of the Missouri River refer to Norton as Cynthiana (same grape, different name) and those south of the river (and everywhere else in the known world, as far as I know) refer to it at Norton.

How’s that for useless information?

I’m in for one, can always learn more about wine.

Well heck, if the winemaker’s going in for one, shouldn’t we all? :slight_smile:

Perhaps he is trying to get to black?

He has a ways to go, but I won’t put it past him :). For a guy who was anxious about having to answer questions in the forum the first time around, he has sure taken a liking to this place (and we to him)!

I never post typically but I had to for this… I mean come on, $5 to ship a CD… highway robbery!