World's Crappiest Projector Woot Info Post
if at first you don’t succeed…

World’s Crappiest Projector [New] - $49.99

1 * Senario AL-100 Mega Vu Torpedo 6ft Video Projector

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World’s Crappiest Projector
$49.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Senario AL-100 Mega Vu Torpedo 6ft Video Projector

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That’s not a good product name now is it?

Hellloooooo 12 hours.

projector shaped like an autojohn

hahaha…love the title!



Oh great, not THIS crap again…
Guess I can sleep knowing this will STILL be on the front page when I wake up tomorrow.

LOL- at least they are honest.

How good will this project my crappy movies?

I’ve got one of these in the past… and in fact, this is the worlds crappiest projectors… they suck! STAY AWAY!

Didn’t these go out in all the birthday woot bags? oy!

Betting on a Woot killa.

Do NOT get this. It’s powered by a LIGHTBULB. Woot is not lying when they say its the crappiest projector.

Well, the wootoff was good while it lasted…


does anyone have one of these? is it actually crappy?

See you all tomorrow.