Worldview Glasses

Is it half by volume or is it half by height?

Want ping pong ball ; )

I find it kind of amusing that the only glass that contains half of anything is the surrealist’s.

I…I don’t know that!

I see multiple glasses of refreshment.

So if it wasn’t water would it still be half empty?

I was a little skeptical of the way the shirt spelled it “sceptical”, but guess that’s the way it’s spelled outside North America… Interesting…

The summist in me sees four full glasses.

Given the shape of the glass it’s half by height for most of them.

As per another poster, the only one that is half by volume is the Surrealist glass.

This reminds me of the Matrix…

Glass boy: Do not try to determine the amount of water in the glass. That’s impossible. Instead… only try to realize the truth.

Neo: What truth?

Glass boy: There is no glass.

Neo: There is no glass?

Glass boy: Then you’ll see, that it is not the glass that holds the water… for it is frozen… and thus contains itself.

Really creative take on this.I especially like the utopist,lol. Congrats on the print.

Engineer: Glass was designed too large for its contents.

They forgot my favorite!
Engineer: The glass is the wrong size

I wish this was a tote. I feel like it would make a perfect tote design.

You beat my by “a few seconds” (according to woot).


Anyone else think that the surrealist glass is from Interstellar?

No, no, no. I’ve seen many “engineer” ones, but they have never, in my opinion, gotten it right,

The “right” one should be:

Engineer: the glass has a factor of safety of 2.

(Engineers almost never design things to be a “perfect” fit. That would lead to failure too often. Instead, they determine what a “perfect” fit would be then determine the tolerance for deviation around that, and, in the case of failure mode analysis, they determine what factor of safety is needed and then design to that… I hope that made sense…)

Alternately you could say that we have applied a 50% derating factor on the glass capacity so that we are never operating at the maximum.

Deja view glasses?

Smart design, Congrats Bohsky! :smiley: