Worst Christmas Gift You Plan to Give


I’m going to give my wife a light to go under the stove hood.
-and many other, better gifts!

anybody else?


socks to my husband.
At this point I’m not sure what else I’m giving him.

He’s getting me oven mitts. He even made me pick them out.



Technically the “worst” thing I’m giving is the digital tire gauge I got from the wootoff…


If stocking stuffers count then…

because he refuses to break in a new pair of tennis shoes


Wasabi-flavored gumballs in my husband’s stocking. It’s a slight gag gift. He likes wasabi but doesn’t like gum. lol I’m hoping he’ll at least try one.


i’m going to pee on dr. j’s carpet.

assuming i can figure out where he lives.


I keep forgetting that I’ve already bought my boyfriend’s son gloves…

so as it stands, the kid has 4 pairs of gloves.




still not sure what to get my mom, or my sister… so like the person above me “nothing” unless i think of something in the next week


Nephew’s Christmas card - had Santa Claus snot in it.


A dozen of those marshmallow guns. My sister in law is going to kill me for sure!
To the uncles, not the kids. The kids we could tell, not in the house. The uncles are just out of control!


Sorry, I was at my sisters house and her internet died.


I’d have withdrawal.


My parents are kind of old. Recently my dad had a dizzy spell and fell down in the bathroom. My mom went in there to help him up, and she fell too, slamming the door shut in the process. They had quite a time getting out of there.
As a joke gift, I’m giving them the FM radio with the toilet paper holder that I won at the DFW shirt.woot gathering. I’ll put a comment on a card about how much they enjoy getting down, so here’s some music… okay, I’ll figure out something funny to say.
My dad was laughing when he told me about it, so I know they will get a kick out of it. :wink:


Worst gift: my presence. I have a voice of an angel.


I’m giving my brother pink Fabuloso. For those of us who don’t know, its a cleanser that can be found in the hispanic part of the grocery store.


A box of alcohol wipes to my friend, Sue.


A set of USB-powered Wootoff lights to my wife.
Yep, it’s going to be a special Christmas.


See, now I would be happy if I were to get woot off lights from my husband.


So would I!