Worst NBA team since 1900?

Worst NBA team since 1900?

You know that thing when you’re 10 and you find a huge hornet nest in a bush in the parking strip outside your house and you tell your older brother and he gathers an assortment of fireworks to combat the enemy encroaching on your land and you find some hair spray that you figure will work the same as bug spray and stand 20 feet away while he lights multiple smoke bombs and then sticks a fully lit sparkler into the nest, engulfing it and the bush in flames and then hornets start spilling out in a rage directed at your brother so you start running and spraying in the direction of the nest which causes the spray to get into your eyes and turns the can of “bug spray” into a flame thrower that further ignites the bush while the screams of you and your brother call the attention of your neighbor who grabs the garden hose and sprays the bush, you, and the can of hair spray you are still holding like a moron who narrowly avoided losing at least a few fingers? I think it’s clear what my thoughts are about this topic.


Looks like someone is looking for a sports team that they can ‘refurbish’ and put into a BOC.


How much longer until we run out of sports and can get back to normal wootbot randomness?


The NBA is the worst team.


I think you’re onto something. :joy::joy:

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I ain’t got no idea. This is a terrible poll. You’d have to be a NBA fan to care, and a statistician to know.


It’s a toss up amongst all teams since Adam Silver became commissioner in 2014.

When do we get to choose the worst curling team?

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Any WNBA team

I think more people watch The Professor on Youtube then the NBA. How about when was the NBA good? 1990’s had some great teams and was awesome… now who cares.



So basically, your NBA career aspirations were over before they began.

The same thing happened to me and bocce ball.

Da Bearz

San Diego Clippers

I’ve watched the NBA since about 1985 ( that’s long enough right?) and honestly the WORST team would have to be the Orlando Magic. They came into the league as a hot humid mess, drafted the best player out of college and rode his back to the Finals and lost in a sweeping ROUT to the Rockets, and they’ve never recovered. Absolutely the WORST.