Worth It?

The cute side of evil.

So accurate that the one thing untouched is the kitty furniture. :wink:

And the cat only did this at 3 AM … for love.

As for the write up, add "Change site to



What material is this shirt? Cause it should be the type that attracts cat hair, like even in the wash. I have a few shirts like that, and this is the only shirt where that material would be perfect.

100% cotton. Pay attention to the sizing charts before you order.

Doesn’t cat hair pretty much attach itself to anything, regardless of material, anyway?

(Don’t have a cat, just a ton of catshirts. Neighbor’s cat still visits regularly to get high off the mint plants, though.)

Another great cat shirt, great design, DoOom Cat!

I think it’s true though, that Cats ARE plotting to take over this website, or at least Shirt Woot!

It would be interesting to know what percentage of tee shirts or even just what percentage of the Derby winners are Cat shirts. I think it might be 50 percent… on both counts!

Looking at the furniture, window, etc., that cat is about the size of a Newfoundland. I’m glad I don’t have to clean that litter box!

Darn cute. Darn truth ; )