Worx 10-Inch 24-Volt Lithium Cordless Grass Trimmer

**Item: **Worx 10-Inch 24-Volt Lithium Cordless Grass Trimmer
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Here is a weird video montage of reviews/features.

battery life!!! what is the battery life??? does it last an hour? 12 min? and i am talking about someone who has one with real world exp.

I own one, it lasts between 30 minutes of heavy use or an hour cutting here and there. Its not professional grade but it will do a small 1 acre area fine unless you are planning to use this as an edger.

Mine worx great!! Pun intended. Ya battery life is great I have a small hundred square-foot piece of grass and I was able to trim and mow it three times before I had to recharge the batteries, And I used the trimmer and the blower all three times.

Wow. That was weird.

How good are the lithium-ion batteries compared to what we were using for years? Well, compared to how long they last and how much work they can do, the li-ion will outlast the others as much as 3 to one. But there’s more to it than just that…

Remember when you first got your older machines with the heavy regular batteries we all grew to hate, and you actually read the instructions on how to take care of the battery? Well, it said recharge the battery only when completely drained, but of course no one ever listened. The reason they said that is because the batteries had a tendency to develop a memory and start acting like an old, tired battery only after a short period of usage.

So, the lithium-ion battery does not suffer from that memory stuff. You can “top off the charge” just as you would top off the gas tank on your car and you can do this with no ill effects. It’s a whole new world!

Been wanting one of these since I saw the infomercial a year or two ago…
Waiting for the price to come down - happy neighbors with a well trimmed yard!

Unless you live in a high rise with a rooftop garden area, don’t do it. I bought one of these a couple of years ago and in a word…CRAP. Save your money and buy a Stihl. Oh, the model I had also used a proprietary cartridge, so your plastic trimming line only cost you (Dr. Evil style) “1 milllllion dollars” a year to operate. Word to the wise…when they spend a fortune on the infomercial, it’s because the product usually can’t sell itself. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya’!

This thing works, the line cuts well, you can get more free line, but the shipping and handling costs, so it isn’t free. Best feature is it is light, and quiet. Can trim, and no one knows, no ears hurting, no hum later when you quit. QUIET. And light, so my wife likes to use it. Now my wife trims our yard. Nuff said…

I have one of these. A heads up for any left handed buyers, the safety button that you need to hold in order to use this is designed for right handed users. as a lefty I first found myself pressing it awkwardly while trimming, then ended up just holding it down with duct tape.

You sold me… in for 3.
Ooooo wait… I’m single.

Have one, hate it. It’s cheap takes special line.

It does not take special line. If you like to wind your own line on the spool, it takes standard 0.065.

What is the difference between WG167 and WG165?

WG167 has adjustable wheels to create a mini mower. It is also a 12" vs a 10".

SO WEIRD. I am a bit mind blasted by what I just saw from the modern digital editing pubic